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St. Joseph's National School Ballingarry
8th February 2001

Photos by Joe Kenny Fethard

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BallingarryNS_0107 BallingarryNS_0113 BallingarryNS_0121 BallingarryNS_0126
Ballingharry 0107
Ballingarry 0113
Ballingarry 0121
Ballingarry 0126
BallingarryNS_0140 BallingarryNS_0146 BallingarryNS_0151 BallingarryNS_0157
Ballingarry 0140
Ballingarry 0146
Ballingarry 0151 Ballingarry 0157
BallingarryNS_0164 BallingarryNS_0165 BallingarryNS_0176 BallingarryNS_0183
Ballingarry 0164.
Ballingarry 0165
Ballingarry 0176
Ballingarry 0183


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