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The Commons Village Renewal Committee

On Thursday 13th March 1997, a Public Meeting was called in Slieveardagh N.S., The Commons.  The purpose of the meeting was to form A Village  Renewal Committee.  Approximately twenty eight people attended.  The meeting was chaired by John Dalton and Susan Meagher M.C.C.  The following officers and Committee were elected:


Michael Kavanagh

Vice Chairman:

Tony Ivors


Margaret Webster

Ass. Secretary:

Annie Heaphy


Maisie Dunne & Caroline Kealy


Harry Mullins

Committee: Noel O’ Donnell, Paddy Lawlor, Peter Behan, Mary Doheny & James Ivors.
The first meeting of the Committee took place on the 20th March.  £44,000 was granted to the committee from E.U. Funds.  This grant was not lodged to the committee’s account as it is held by Tipperary S.R. County Council to cover the cost of major works in The Village, eg. Stone Wall Construction, Nova Chip etc.  Fund-raising for the Committee started with a Dance in O’ Shea’s Lounge on Sunday 18th May and a church gate collection in late June.  We take this opportunity to thank all our Sponsors and all who contributed to us on both occasions.  A successful meeting was held with the County Council Engineers and all local County Councilors where a list of work to be completed in the Village was drawn up.  Some of this work is under way at present.  With the 1848 Celebrations to be held in The Commons Village next July we hope all work will be completed on time and that the local community will have a village to be proud of to welcome all visitors.  The committee would like to thank all who have assisted them in their work so far and also Slieveardagh N.S. for the use of their facilities to hold meetings.


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